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2020 Do Good Awards Winners

Outstanding Achievement Award - Rebecca Picone

Rebecca Picone is the founder and CEO of the Peace of Mind Foundation, a not-for-profit that supports people affected by brain cancer, the leading cause of cancer death for people under 40.

Focused on raising awareness and providing support programs through fundraising and grants, Rebecca has raised more than $682,000 to deliver financial and in-home support nationwide and annual weekend women’s, men’s, and family retreats.

Rebecca is directly promoting social wellbeing and harmony within her community through her work, support programs and the Foundation’s activities across the three social values of family, youth opportunity and inclusion.

Acknowledged as a leader in her field, Rebecca was invited to attend the Brain Cancer Support Conference in the UK in 2017 and more recently, the World Brain Tumour Summit for Patient Advocates in Washington.

Do Good Community Award – Gerry Gillespie

Gerry Gillespie is an eco-warrior. He is a pioneer of the organics resource industry and has dedicated his life to environmentally responsible land management.

He has positively impacted many lives by sharing his extensive knowledge on organic resource recovery, their reuse in soil, and broader environmental issues. Well regarded here and internationally, Gerry has influenced and educated governments, industry bodies, communities and NGOs. Recently he authored a discussion paper on the benefits of a national recycling organic waste program.

Gerry has spent much of his life educating people about soil health and soil regeneration. He is focused on convincing organisations to stop wasting food organics in landfill and instead use these valuable nutrients to boost soil health. This change will enable us to create a sustainable future for ourselves and the planet.

Do Good Business Award – Cherished Pets

Established by Dr Alicia Kennedy, Cherished Pets Community Veterinary Care is a social enterprise that takes a wholistic view of animal and human welfare, by providing social veterinary services to the elderly, people living with disabilities, mental health challenges, the homeless community and those experiencing family violence.

Dr Alicia Kennedy Mr Walters and Tessie

They assist elderly and vulnerable people with their pets through their volunteer program providing dog walking, transport to the vet, grooming, bathing and companionship. They also provide emergency care for pets during times of crisis; community vet nurse visits; pet wellness programs; behavioural training; funding towards unexpected costs; pet bereavement support; respite care and re-homing of pets when people pass.

Cherished Pets is B Corp Certified and part of a global task force with the International Association of Human Animal Interaction Organisations setting benchmarks for pets in community programs.

Do Good Team Award - Scullin Community Group

These locals have created something special – an environment for their community to thrive.

The group began when members of the community recognised the potential of their suburb and the need to re-energise the community, so they formed the Scullin Community Group. Within a very short period of time the entire community had jumped on board. There are now more than 50 volunteers taking care of a host community initiatives; Scullin Traders, a community hub that sells grocery basics and local artisan wares; a coffee cart; creative workshops; games nights; social soccer and street libraries.

More than 600 locals attended their end of year party and in just 12 months they have over 500 active participants on their Facebook page. In January, at the Museum for Australian Democracy, they were invited to showcase how participatory democracy works. 

Their social experiment is a wonderful example of bringing community together.

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